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A jaunt to the nearest local market to grab some homemade water is the ideal way to get the best water on sale for a price.

But as the season heats up, the price for bottled water is on the rise.

With the summer season quickly approaching, there are growing concerns about the health and safety of water, as well as about the risks posed by bottled water to consumers.

In California, there is no water law, and a number of local governments have passed laws limiting the amount of bottled water a person can purchase each month.

The California Health and Safety Code states that “no person shall possess, purchase, deliver, or give bottled water for consumption.”

A few states are considering similar measures, with the California Department of Water Resources (CalDER) recently stating that bottled water “is not allowed to be sold in public places, including schools, public parks, or swimming pools, as it is potentially contaminated with lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, and other chemicals.”

According to CalDER, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) is reviewing the legality of bottled products, but it is unclear if they will pass these changes.

The issue is complicated because, while some cities have implemented restrictions, others have not.

In the US, there have been more than 30 bottled water restrictions in the past two years, and the California CPUC has issued more than 10 such bans.

The lack of regulation has led some states to pass laws to restrict bottled water consumption, but those measures are usually ignored by the public.

For instance, in Texas, the governor of that state has repeatedly stated that bottled tap water is not safe, while also declaring that there are no restrictions on the amount that can be consumed.

In the state of California, it’s not just the quantity that is a concern.

In some areas, there has been a spike in water quality violations, and one state, Arizona, has seen an increase in cases of lead poisoning after a man was found to have been drinking tap water with a pH level of 6.7.

The water quality concerns have sparked a petition calling for a nationwide ban on tap water.

On Wednesday, a group of citizens launched a petition asking for a national ban on bottled water and an end to all bottled water sales, citing the health effects of lead and arsenic.

“Bottled water is a highly corrosive chemical that can damage teeth, eyes, and kidneys,” the petition reads.

“It is a known carcinogen, a toxic chemical that causes lung cancer, kidney damage, birth defects, and even brain damage.

Bottled water poses significant health risks to the public and our environment.”

A spokesperson for the California government told Al Jazeera that they have seen an “increase in water pollution” in recent years.

“We’ve seen an increased incidence of lead contamination in the water supply over the past several years,” the spokesperson said.

“That is why we are investigating the issue of bottled tapwater in the state.”

Al Jazeera’s Daniela Vazquez reports from New York.

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