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Posted October 28, 2018 15:30:24When you’re in the mood for a burger, you can probably use the words “burr” and “burrito” interchangeably, but how many times do you use the term “burritos” and how often do you need to explain the difference?

In a new podcast from the Food Network, co-hosts Michelle and Brian look at the evolution of the word burger, how it was originally used and the word that still resonates today.

In the episode, they discuss how the term came to be used by people who might otherwise consider burgers as a novelty, the evolution and significance of the burger in our modern world, the difference between the two words and how the word can be used to make a political statement.

“This is a podcast that I created because I was really struck by how much we are being asked to explain things to people and I’m really interested in getting into the weeds of the language,” Brian said in the podcast.

“What are we saying to people that are just trying to get a burger for dinner and they’re not sure what to call it or what to say?

What are we trying to communicate?

And that’s what I wanted to do with this podcast.”

Michelle said she was inspired by the work of social scientist David Campbell, who has shown that when people learn something, they often have a tendency to make it into a phrase or a story.

“You get into a story mode, and then the next thing you know, you’ve heard the word hamburger,” Michelle said.

“I was fascinated by this, and I thought it was important that people have a little bit of a history of how we used the word.”

She and Brian then talked about the history of the term and the ways it has changed over the years, from the origins of the words to the origins and origins of burger, before looking at the current and future uses of the phrase.

“We wanted to look at why we’re still using it and how we think about the word,” Michelle explained.

“What’s the history behind it?

What’s the historical significance of it?

And what’s the meaning?

We wanted to understand that, and to really see what it means.”

Listen to the podcast below:

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