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A new study has revealed the best method of boiling an egg is by using a “bowl with a deep enough cavity” or using an egg wash.

The study, conducted by University of Edinburgh researchers, found the use of a bowl with a shallow depth of at least 2.5mm is a reliable method of boil-up, but the bowl itself was not considered to be the best.

The researchers looked at 10 studies that examined the use and safety of different types of bowl designs, including deep bowls, shallow bowls and bowl-shaped bowls.

They found that while the majority of studies found that deep bowls worked best for boiling an Egg, a minority of studies used shallow bowls, and a majority of the studies using bowl-shape bowls recommended using bowl shape.

The authors also found that the “bowl shape” used was often dependent on whether the bowl was a deep or shallow bowl.

The most common bowl shape was a bowl-like shape with a narrow opening, but this bowl shape did not appear to work best for the study’s objectives.

Instead, they recommended that bowl shape should be more variable and more appropriate for the task at hand.

“There is currently little information on the optimal bowl shape for boiling eggs,” the authors wrote.

“It is important that this information be disseminated, and it is important for people to be aware that they may not be using the best methods for boiling egg.”

The researchers said that they did not make a claim about how effective a particular bowl would be for boiling a particular egg, but they did make recommendations to make sure they use a bowl that is a deep bowl and that they use the “right” bowl shape to achieve a satisfactory boil.

“These recommendations have been based on the experience of other egg boilers, so if you are considering buying an egg boiler, we encourage you to think carefully about the type of bowl you use and the depth of the bowl,” they wrote. 

“If you are concerned about the bowl’s safety, we suggest that you use the shallow bowl for the egg and then use the deeper bowl for your tea or for baking or cooking.”

This is a precautionary measure, so you may be able to avoid potential risks by using the correct bowl shape.

“The study’s lead author, Professor Alex Kasten, said that while there had been a number of studies that have examined the safety of deep bowls in terms of egg boilering, they had been done in very narrow settings and did not have the same level of information about the optimal depth of bowl.”

The more we know about the health of the water and the egg, the more likely we are to be able get the correct temperature and the right egg, which will help us improve the safety and quality of the eggs,” he said.”

In a nutshell, we have to look at the type and design of the dish, how it’s made and how it is cleaned before we can make any judgement about how safe a deep water egg boil is.

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