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A new batch of Medium-Boiled Eggs from UK and Australian farms is to hit supermarket shelves in Australia, with the brand also offering a range of its own brand of eggs.

The brand, which was launched in the UK last month, will be available in the US and Europe on April 1, 2018.

“We’re excited to launch this new range of medium-baked eggs in Australia and beyond,” Mr Matthew Wills, vice president of marketing and business development at the brand, told The Sunday Telegraph.

“It’s our second launch in just a few months, after the first batch of medium baked eggs from the U.K. were released in September.”

Our aim is to offer consumers a range that is fresh, flavourful, easy to make and delicious.

“The range includes our own medium-boiled eggs and we’ll be releasing a range more flavoursome in coming months.”

Mr Wills said the brand’s “new range” was aimed at offering a wider range of flavour, texture and freshness than the first range, which included a range focused on freshness and health benefits.

He said the new range included the popular “boiled egg” (also known as “boil-in”), which is “soft, fluffy and tender”, and the “boiler-crisp” (known as “lobster”), which “has a crisp, buttery texture”.

“We’ll be rolling out a range in the coming weeks of fresh and savoury dishes like lobster rolls, burgers and roast chicken with garlic-rich onions,” he said.

“And then, on top of that, there will be a range with a range to suit all occasions, such as breakfast and dinner.”

Mr Cook said he was “delighted” with the response to the new medium-cooked eggs range, adding that it was a “great opportunity to deliver more flavour”.

“These new medium baked egg products are a real hit in Australia with customers responding positively to them,” he told The Telegraph.

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