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Dr. Thomas Daley, a former emergency room doctor, has become a symbol of the dangers of a pandemic.

He’s become a scapegoat for a scam that purports to make people boil onions.

In his case, the scam involves buying a box of cooked onions at a local restaurant, filling it with boiling water, and placing it in a bag that a person is supposed to put in the refrigerator.

But it turns out that the person who bought the onions was not supposed to boil them, and he’s now facing a $1 million fine for selling them at the wrong price.

It is one of the most notorious and well-documented scams in the history of the country, but the details of how it was perpetrated and the fine have not been made public.

A lawsuit filed in July by a former customer, Dr. James Bowers, against the now-defunct Green Valley Farms Inc. alleges that in January 2012, he bought four pounds of onions from the same store and that he was charged a $100.50 markup.

According to the lawsuit, he told the person that he had a bag of onions in his freezer, and they had to put the onion in a container in the freezer before the refrigerator was turned off, and then they were supposed to wait for it to boil.

The lawsuit also alleges that when the container was turned on, the bag of potatoes was in there too, but that when he opened the freezer door and saw the onions, he did not put them in the container and put them back in the fridge.

After Bowers filed his complaint, he said, Green Valley quickly contacted him to let him know that they were working on the case and that they hoped he would be able to get his money back.

The company never responded to his claims.

But in a letter obtained by The Washington Times, Green Village acknowledged that the company was aware of the situation, and that it had been working on a resolution with the customer.

The letter said that Green Village has “made efforts to resolve the matter,” and that the lawsuit had been dropped because it was not proven that Bowers had sold his onions at the correct price.

The company said it was “aware of and has reviewed” Bowers’ complaint.

The Green Village website lists him as a “medical provider.”

Bowers’ lawsuit also alleged that Green Valley was not required to pay for the onions after he returned them to the store.

The store, in a statement to The Washington Examiner, said it did not receive any payment from the customer, but “we do not believe it was improper to sell the onions at any price.”

Bower, who is still being sued, said he is considering filing a lawsuit against Green Valley for fraud.

He has filed a lawsuit in federal court in Arizona.

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