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In a recent study, scientists at the University of Auckland revealed that it’s possible to cook shrimp under the armpits in an extremely simple way.

“We’re trying to create a recipe that’s quick, quick, fast, and easy to make,” Dr Sue Gee, a professor of food science and a food science specialist at the university, told ABC News.

“And that’s what we’re trying.

It’s an incredibly simple recipe that can be adapted for any occasion.””

If you’re going to cook your shrimp under your armpita, you can do it in a hurry.”‘

We’re talking about a shrimp boil’While this is not the first time shrimp have been cooked under the arm, Dr Gee said that it was a first.

“I think it was around a decade ago,” she said.

“It’s still a really good way to cook it, but it’s not as simple as it was 20 years ago.”

Dr Gee says the method of cooking shrimp under a chair or a table is not completely reliable.

“There are some things that you can’t do and that’s probably because there’s a lot of things that happen in a shrimp fryer and we’re not really sure how to do it properly,” she told ABC Radio New Zealand.

“You have to have a really tight lid, you have to put a little bit of heat under there, you need to use a lot more salt and you have really strict cooking rules.”

“The thing is, if you’re cooking it under a seat, you’re still going to get a bit of a bit more heat.

So you have that little bit more on your plate.”

But, if it’s on a table, it’s much more forgiving because you can go out and you can put some pressure on the shrimp and that’ll help it cook more efficiently.

You boil it, you remove the shells and you just boil it.”””

It’s very, very simple.

You boil it, you remove the shells and you just boil it.””

You don’t need to do a lot with the shell, you just remove it, put the lid back on and you cook the shrimp in a slow cooker,” he said.

Dr George said the method was also a good option for making a meal in the heat of the day, where shrimp would be on the table at the same time as the rice, beans and other dishes.

“When we cook shrimp in the kitchen, we’re cooking the shrimp under an armpitted position,” he explained.

“So we’ve got a bit [of] space to cook the whole shrimp.”

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