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Boiled dung, dumpees and ham are all in season in Thailand, and a new restaurant in Bangkok is set to offer a fried chicken-fried rice-boiled duck soup that is just as good.

Boil the Frog Thai Restaurant, set to open in March next year, is set up to serve a mixture of boiled dung and boiled ham and chicken.

The owner, Kenglub, said that the soup is meant to be a “boiled chicken duck” dish, adding that he has tried his hand at making it in the past.

“I’m not sure whether it will be the best or not, but I’m not worried,” he told Al Jazeera.

“It’s not the same as boiled ham or dumpled dum, but the taste will be similar.”

The menu is expected to be one of the first of its kind in Thailand and is said to be inspired by traditional Chinese dishes.

“The soup will be made with rice, but we’ll have dum peas and ham, and fried duck,” Kenglub said.

Burgers and soups are the mainstays of Thai cooking, with the main dish being a fried rice and chicken curry.

Kengmu was a regular at Khao San Road restaurant and has said that it is his favourite dish.

“If I’m going to cook, I like to be able to have everything in my mind, and it’s hard to think of everything.

It’s better to eat something that you’re not hungry for, than to eat what you’re hungry for.”

Khao San road is popular for a few reasons, according to Kengmub, including its selection of fine Thai and Western food.

“They [the restaurant owners] think that a lot of people will come because of the food, and the restaurant is the only place that offers the food that they want.”

The restaurant owner has said the best way to get a good bowl of fried dum pees and fried ham is to order the rice and the dum and try the soup.

Khao san Road, a two-storey eatery, was built in 1970 and has a good selection of Thai and western food.

Kengmul said that he had to look at many options before choosing a dish.

He said that there were a lot different dishes, such as khao san pan, a soup dish where the dung is cooked over a charcoal fire, and khao pan, which is a noodle dish that is served with rice.

“In the past, I used to make a lot more ramen noodles and ramen soup,” he said.

“Nowadays, I’m really busy and I don’t make ramen anymore.

I use ramen in the evening, but then I’m busy during the day and I want to have some ramen as well.”

The fried duck dish, which Kengmun said was a big hit in the restaurant, will be a popular dish for locals and tourists alike.

“People have been coming to us for years, and they have a lot to say about it,” he added.

“We are always going to do something different and new.

We have a wide variety of dishes that are delicious.”

Kengmu has not yet decided on the menu items, but said that they will include “anything that’s fresh”.

“We’re just going to try it and see what people think.”

He added that the restaurant has the ingredients for several different kinds of soup, including the fried duck, dong and ramune, adding, “I’ll be able tell you later.”

Al Jazeera contacted the restaurant owners and will update this story when we hear back.

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