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This is the story of how one of the most successful and successful Australian companies in water and sanitation, Buderus, has built a water-saving boiler in the Australian bush.

The Buderuses were founded by Professor Alan Winton in 1992, and since then the company has made a name for itself as a water technology innovator, and a leader in water conservation and waste-to-energy.

The company has invested over $3.4 billion in research and development over the last 25 years, creating a water utility that has helped Australia’s cities, towns and regions save and reuse more than $1 trillion worth of water annually.

“It’s important to note that this investment has been in the right places,” Professor Winton said.

“But it’s also important to realise that there’s a lot of water being wasted and a lot going back into the water cycle.”

That’s a huge waste that can be avoided.

“So what we’re trying to do is take a little bit of water out of the equation.”

Professor Winton’s team has created the first water-powered boiler in Australia, and has been working with other water technology companies in Queensland, South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales to design and develop the boiler.

“Water conservation is one of those things that we can’t do without, because it’s a great resource to have in Australia,” he said.

A Buderush boiler has a high-efficiency boilers and can use up to 50 litres of water per hour.

A prototype was built for a public-private partnership.

The boiler is made of aluminium and zinc alloy and uses solar cells to generate heat.

Water heaters have been used in Australia for over 30 years.

Water-saving and waste reduction are key areas of Buderuss focus, and Professor Wington believes his company has the technology and infrastructure in place to revolutionise water conservation.

“We have an innovative, world-class water-efficiency boiler,” he explained.

“What we’ve developed is a low-cost, high-performance, energy-saving water-efficient boiler that can run for as long as 20 years and is capable of being used by a family of four.”

In our case it’s designed to run for 30 years and use less than one cubic metre of water.

“Our boiler also allows us to reuse water for an additional 15 years and reuse it again in the future, to be able to do a whole range of things.”‘

A great resource for our cities, town and regions’Professor Wington is confident that water-related technologies will become an increasingly important part of Australian communities, communities with high rates of urban water usage and communities reliant on water for social and economic development.

“Australia is the only developed nation where water is being used for almost all of its water consumption,” he told News.au.

“I think that’s a real problem that we’ve got to address and we need to look at ways of addressing that.”

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