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You might think that when it comes to your health, salt has always been safe.

But you’d be wrong.

In fact, salt is a major contributor to the problem of salt poisoning.

Here are 10 more facts you should know about salt.


There’s more salt in a teaspoon than in one egg.

The average American eats about 3.4 teaspoons of salt per day, or about 1.5 teaspoons of sea salt, according to the CDC.

So if you eat a tablespoon of salt every day, you’d have about 1,500 grams of salt in your body.

That’s a lot.

Salt is also a mineral, which can add up to about 20 percent of your body weight.


Salt makes your blood sugar rise.

When your blood sugars rise because of excess salt, you can feel it in your hands and feet.

This can lead to anemia, low blood pressure, heartburn, fatigue and even dizziness.


Salt can damage your kidneys.

The kidneys are made of sodium.

Salt has about 40 times more sodium than water.

So salt can damage their lining, leading to kidney stones.


Salt in the water kills the fish in your pond.

Salt enters the water through cracks or small openings in the bottom of the tank.

When fish are swimming, they can be attracted to the salt because they can’t get to the surface.

This attracts salt particles into the fish, and they can break the fish up into smaller pieces.


Salt kills the water in your home.

Salt also kills your pets.

When pets are fed salt, they get a taste of it.

When the salt gets into their mouths, it can cause diarrhea.

The solution to this problem is to add a little salt to the water.


Salt causes tooth decay.

Salt lowers your saliva to a level where it can’t be absorbed.

This leads to tooth decay, gum disease, gum swelling and gum disease that can be fatal.


Salt increases the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Salt affects the blood vessels, making it harder for blood to move through them.

This in turn increases the heart rate and blood pressure.


Salt may cause anemia.

This occurs when the body can no longer process the salt in the blood, and it starts to become weak.

It can cause severe headaches, fatigue, depression and even coma.


Salt inhibits your immune system.

Salt stimulates the immune system, which is how your body protects itself from disease.

If this happens, it’s called an autoimmune response, and is linked to many diseases, including type 1 diabetes, kidney disease, kidney stones and cancer.


It’s not a good idea to drink salt when you’re pregnant or nursing.

Salt blocks the immune response and increases your risk of infection.

This is a dangerous situation when you want to keep your baby safe.

You should never drink salt.

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