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I’m not the only one who loves boiling sweetcrust.

The deliciousness of this creamy sweetcorn dish has become a must-try recipe in our kitchen.

To make this simple dish, you’ll need: a pot of boiling sweetened condensed milk or water; a lid to prevent steam escaping the pot; some kind of seasoning or flavoring; and a small bowl. 

What you’ll use to make this delicious dish is the sweetener of your choice.

I like the black pepper and  orange juice of a dash of salt or pepper. 

I like a dash or two of honey, a pinch of cinnamon, a bit of nutmeg, a little sugar, and a pinch of sugar cane.

You can also add a bit more water if you like.

It’s also possible to use a little more broth if you want more sweetness.

The best thing about this dish is that you can add whatever you like to it, and you can always switch it up if you prefer something a little different.

I always add a little bit of butter or oil to the soup to make it creamy.

I love the flavor and richness of this soup.

To start, add the sweetener and simmer until it’s thickened. 

Then add the broth and whisk to combine.

When the soup is ready, take a big spoonful and scoop out the hot water into a large bowl.

Mix in the remaining sweetener, cinnamon, and sugar. 

Now add the milk and mix to combine with the broth.

Add the hot broth to the bowl of the pot and pour the mixture over the cooled condensed milk.

You can serve it cold or hot, or make a broth out of leftover broth.

I usually garnish mine with a bit or two fresh parsley and fresh herbs.

This soup is perfect to serve at the end of the meal when you’ve been waiting for that bowlful of soup.

If you’ve never made this before, I highly recommend it. 

You can buy sweetened custard from here .

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