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In this first in a two-part series, ESPN Insider’s David Jacoby takes a look at the ice-free, chilled-down version of the classic dish.1.

A bowl of frozen peas (or other veggies) with a few cups of rice and a couple of teaspoons of chili powder.

This is the classic.2.

A jar of cornflakes, or dried peas.

This makes the dish taste like corn.3.

A little bit of chopped parsley or green onions.

This one makes it all the better.4.

A half-dozen spoonfuls of chopped scallions, green onions, and/or a few slices of bread crumbs.

This helps to keep the dish warm.5.

A couple of cups of white wine.

This adds a little sweetness to the dish.6.

A tablespoon or two of cornstarch.

This aids in binding the rice.7.

A cup or two cilantro leaves.

This also helps to bind the rice and prevent it from sticking together.8.

A few dashes of paprika or cayenne.

This goes along with the chili.9.

A bit of salt.

This should help the dish stay warm.10.

A whole can of tomatoes.

This can also be used to thicken the soup.11.

A small handful of dried herbs.

These will also add a bit of color and flavor to the soup when cooked.12.

A pinch of cayman pepper.

If you have a little bit left over, add it to the bowl.13.

A squeeze of lemon juice.

This will help to loosen up the starch and reduce the texture of the rice to a more manageable size.14.

A can of coconut milk.

This gives the dish a nice soft, buttery texture when cooked, and helps to prevent the rice from sticking to the bottom of the bowl when you cook the soup with the rice in the bowl instead of the soup in the skillet.15.

A handful of parsley.

I don’t have any, but if you do, it will add a nice spice and color to the stew.

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