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California has been grappling with a growing number of outbreaks of coronavirus that have left some residents without water or access to clean drinking water.

And the state’s food supply is in the midst of a major crisis.

California’s drought, a major factor in the outbreak, is already the most severe on record and has forced more than 3 million people to leave their homes.

The California Department of Water Resources estimates that more than 30 percent of the state is under water stress.

But the drought also means that the state needs a massive amount of water to maintain its current population of about 23 million people, and the drought’s impacts are already being felt on the ground.

Here are some of the major challenges that California’s water crisis poses to the state.1.

Food supply will be severely impacted.

Water is critical to the lives of people across California.

In the last month alone, the state has had more than 6,000 reported cases of coronavia-related illness, according to the California Department, Water Resources.

Many of these cases are attributed to the spread of coronava-like infections in the state and the growing number and severity of coronaval disease outbreaks in California.

“The state’s population is going to be really hard hit, especially in terms of food supply,” said Scott St. Germain, a water and agriculture policy analyst with the Center for Food Safety.

St. Germains work for the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

“California’s food production is going up dramatically, and that will affect the amount of food that is available in the market.

If we have an uptick in the amount that we have, that will create an additional pressure on the supply chain and potentially a rise in price.”

California’s state-run dairy farms also depend on water, and a prolonged drought could push prices higher for consumers.

Water bills in California will increase by as much as $50 per household this summer.2.

Water will be rationed.

The state will have to ration water in order to maintain supply.

Currently, residents can buy bottled water for the same amount as they used to get in the past.

If there is a drought, however, many people will be forced to ration their water consumption.

The situation is especially dire for the state agriculture industry, which has been hit by the drought.

Water agencies across the state have been forced to shut down water pumps and water storage facilities, leaving residents with only water that they can get at farmers’ markets and restaurants.

The drought also threatens the supply of the chemicals used to produce cheese, cream and other products that have been used in the food industry for centuries.

These chemicals include sodium chloride, sodium bromide and calcium chloride.

They are used to make cheese and other processed dairy products.

“When we have drought, we are going to have to have a significant decrease in the availability of sodium boron,” said Peter Stapleton, an assistant professor at the University of California, Berkeley.

“If you have salt in your cheese, it will have an adverse effect on the cheese.

If you have sodium boric acid, it can be a very serious problem.”3.

The use of chemicals and pesticides will suffer.

Many California farmers and food processors are using pesticides, fungicides and herbicides to control pests, and some are also using fungicides to treat algae blooms.

While these chemicals are not harmful to humans, they do have the potential to damage crops and the environment.

“You can’t just buy a new plant that is not going to harm it,” said Staperton.

“These chemicals are highly toxic and will be very harmful to crops and ecosystems.”4.

People will have fewer options for drinking water source.

Water supply is already at a critical level, with water use rising by as many as 70 percent in some areas over the past year, according the California Division of Water Quality.

This is because water is needed to keep the lights on in the winter, clean the plumbing in homes and businesses, and provide for human consumption in the summer months.

Water shortages are already occurring in some parts of California.

As a result, some residents are using bottled water instead of tap water.

Many people have not been able to find safe water in the last week, even in their own homes, according San Francisco-based water and sanitation advocate Marisol Flores.

“I’m very concerned about my neighbors that are in that area that are struggling to get water.

They’re trying to figure out what to do.

They don’t have the option of just filling up their tank,” Flores said.

Flores said the state should consider expanding access to water for all Californians.

“It is essential that we take a comprehensive look at the water supply and water systems in the Bay Area and consider whether we can continue to supply those communities and the people in them with water in a way that is safe and affordable,” Flores wrote in a letter to the governor.

“It is time for the government to take immediate action

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