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A Queensland man is facing more than a month in jail after he allegedly took the unusual step of boiling a pimple using a hot water bottle.

Police say the 35-year-old from Penrith was arrested after officers found a “vacuum cleaner bottle” in his home, along with a note saying he was using a “boil the blood” spray bottle.

He was charged with possession of an indecent document.

Police said the bottle was “not a real bottle”.

“We have a police constable who came to his house, and he had a note on it, it was written in a way to make it seem like it was a real water bottle,” Detective Sergeant Tom Widdock said.

“We went to a chemist and we did a scan and the bottle looked like a real vacuum cleaner bottle.”

Mr Widdocks said the police officer who searched the man’s home said he was shocked by what he found.

The Queensland Government says it will look into the matter.

Mr Haddow told the ABC he did not use the bottle because he was worried about getting sick.

He said he used the bottle to rinse his hands, then used it to soak his head, but he was able to avoid getting sick because it was cold.

Inspector Widdocked said Mr Haddo was “well-known to police and the health and safety of the community”.

“It’s quite unusual for a bottle to be used to wash hands, to soak your head, and to boil the blood,” he said.

“He’s quite well known to police, he doesn’t have a criminal record.” “

“He’s just a normal person, he’s just trying to help his community.

“”He’s quite well known to police, he doesn’t have a criminal record.

“Detective Sergeant Widdocking said it was unclear whether the bottle had been used to boil blood or to wash his hands.

Queensland Police is investigating.


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