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A new study has revealed that there are more than half a million people who have suffered from a ‘breast cancer’ and are at a higher risk of developing a liver cancer, a condition known as liver fibrosis.

Read more The study, which was published in the British Medical Journal, analysed data from over 300,000 people aged over the age of 65, covering a period of 15 years.

Researchers from Imperial College London said that while there were a small number of cases of liver fibres in the UK, there was a “huge increase” in the number of liver cancers in men and women.

They said the findings highlighted a “disparate and dangerous” risk for people who are in “low risk” groups, with “little or no awareness of the need to take care of their liver”.

“There are a number of different types of liver cancer,” said Professor Andrew Smith from Imperial, who led the study.

“These are all linked to liver fibrous tissue which may be spread through contaminated drinking water or food, which is why they are so often overlooked.”

He added: “Our findings highlight the importance of educating people about the importance for people to consider taking precautions when preparing and cooking their own food and drinking water.”

The study analysed data on people aged between 18 and 65 years.

The researchers said there was “significantly higher” rates of liver, lung and stomach fibres among people who were in low risk groups, compared with people who lived in high risk groups.

However, they added that the “breast-cancer risk remains low” for most people.

Professor Smith said: “The risk of liver tumours is much lower than other types of cancer, which may explain why we see so little of this cancer in men.”

It’s a risk that is increasing every year and we need to make sure that people are aware of it and take steps to minimise the risk.

“In addition to the liver fibrotic cases, the study also found a “significant increase” of stomach fibrotics in the group aged over 65.

Professor John Brown from the Royal College of Surgeons said: ”There are also signs that people who live in high-risk groups may be more at risk of having a stomach tumour.”

But we don’t know whether this is due to changes in lifestyle or to underlying risk factors, such as eating too much or not exercising enough.”‘

It is a real concern’A spokesman for the Food Standards Agency said the latest figures showed that “breasts and other parts of the body have been a focus of attention in recent years”.

He added that although there had been a rise in liver fibroliths in the past, they were “not linked to the increase in liver cancer”.”

These figures are just one part of a comprehensive analysis of data from our national monitoring system, which shows that people in high and low risk categories are still having a real impact on our food and drink systems.

“We need to be doing everything we can to ensure people are taking the right precautions to minimises the risk of illness and harm from foodborne illness.”

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