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The number of people who are dying each year from bacterial infections in the United States has doubled in the past decade.

And yet, there’s little research on how to treat or prevent them.

There are few simple, inexpensive and effective antibiotics, and there’s no clear understanding of how to fight them.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the more common strains of staccid bacteria, how to clean your home, and how to make sure you’re not poisoning yourself or others with the deadly staccids.1.

Mice with pneumoniaMice and rats that have been treated with antibiotics show less symptoms than those treated with other bacteria, but are more likely to become infected with pneumonia and die.

They also have higher mortality rates.

So how do you treat pneumonia?

Most often, it’s to kill off the pneumonia-producing bacteria.

That means isolating and killing the virus-producing strains.

This is the classic approach, but there are also a few other options, such as a non-lethal antibiotic called a gentamicin shot that kills the virus but doesn’t kill the bacteria, and a nasal spray called Lomuvac.

But both of these methods can kill the virus.2.

The common coldOne of the worst side effects of antibiotics is the common cold.

That’s because they kill off a variety of other microbes that are living in your body.

If you have a cough or sneeze, the bacteria that live in your throat can spread and kill you.

But there’s another common cold that isn’t just a cold: the common, bacterial pneumonia.

The pneumonia-causing bacteria usually live in the lungs, where they multiply and cause pneumonia.

And unlike the common flu, which can be passed to others through coughing or sneezing, pneumonia can’t be passed back through the nose.

To treat pneumonia, you need to kill the most active bacteria and then isolate the other microbes.

For instance, you can kill off all the bacteria in your nasal passages with a gentacin shot.

Or you can isolate the pneumonia in your heart and lungs.

But if you have any respiratory symptoms, like coughing or a runny nose, try using a nonlethal antibiotic to treat the common pneumonia.3.

Sores and infectionsCoughing, sneezes and coughs can be the sign of infection, but many people don’t know this because they don’t see the symptoms.

Most of us think of the common cough as a sign of flu-like symptoms, but it can also be a sign that the bacteria have gotten in there and are making their way up the digestive tract.

When this happens, you may have a sore, red, swollen spot on your neck or chest.

In the summer, you might have a rash.

In summer, a common cold can be caused by pneumonia, a viral infection, or both.4.

Flu-like illnessIf you’re sick, it may feel like you’re having a flu.

But it’s really a virus that’s causing your symptoms.

In fact, you’re more likely than other people to be infected by the flu.

In your body, the virus replicates and becomes a part of your body called an immune cell.

The immune cells are your own cells, and they have the ability to attack anything, including bacteria, viruses and even other humans.

When you have flu symptoms, you don’t just have a cold.

You may have an infection.

There’s also a higher chance that the infection will spread and lead to complications like pneumonia.5.

High feverPeople who have high fevers often have a bad case of pneumonia.

This can be because they’re too sick to use antibiotics and have to use intravenous fluids to treat their fever.

But sometimes, you also have an underlying illness that makes you feel unwell and weak.

These are called “primary pneumonia,” which means you may develop pneumonia from other, more serious infections.

This makes it very difficult to fight off the disease.6.

Infections and complicationsMany infections can make you sick, including:Staph infections like those that can spread from person to person.

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